Course Overview and Support Add-on

Course Description

This online course is a great way to train your dog to have a super foundation for collection on turns, rear crosses, distance and commitment to the jump using 2 barrels and one jump. I’ll walk you through seven fun drills with your dog that makes it an easy way to get the great results you are looking for. It doesn’t require a lot of space and time to work on the skills you need that will give you the confidence on courses.

I feel it's so important to teach your dog to bend and turn over the bar not only for a tighter turn but to give them the information they need not to land hard on their front end and keep the bar up. I was a barrel racer for 20 years plus so I’ve been working tight turn with my horses for years, and this transition for dog foundation just makes so much sense for the handler and the dog. In the drills we'll work on your verbals, sending to barrel for independent turns, rear crosses and more.


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Module 1

Introducing the barrel to your dog and adding a verbal.


Module 2

Introducing the two barrel drill with lefts and rights. If you’re not good remembering your lefts and rights, you can use one word for the turns like “wrap” or “tight.” In this drill we want tight turns around the barrel and the dog driving into heel position.


Module 3

Introducing rear crosses with independence.


Module 4

Multiple wraps. I use this drill to proof my verbals from a distance and as a reminder when I’m training. If my dog’s turns are too wide, I can ask for multiple wraps to reinforce foundation.


Module 5

Putting it all together. We will work on front, rears, post turns all together–randomly asking for each criteria.


Module 6

Adding a jump to the rights and lefts. We will work commitment to the jump and the turns with more independence in this drill.


Module 7

Adding a jump to rear crosses. Learn you deceleration point and your independence on driving rear crosses.