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At Agility Rush K9 Performance Center we believe success starts with the proper foundation from the ground up. Success can be realized through core training techniques, consistency and belief. We all have our own goals and dreams, which can only be measured by our own specific accomplishments. Whether your goals are for personal, local, national or internationally focused, success can be achieved with consistency, persistence, focus and determination. Unleash Your Pawsabilities at Agility Rush K9 Performance Center.

Owned by John Nys, Canine Companion Agility Instructor, Partner & Coach, John is a multiple national and world agility champion. John holds classes and seminars for students all over the USA and locally in New England.

John and Boss at Westminster 2019

What people are saying

Thank you John for the 2 awesome seminars yesterday! Loved both sessions, learned a lot and have plenty of homework for both Blu and Dash. I was impressed with your stamina in the hot weather. You were as enthusiastic at 4:00 as you were at 8AM. And I love watching you with the dogs. They all love you and you make it look so easy.

Catherine Williams

I took the collies to the John Nys seminar and WOW! MYSTIC IS IN LOVE WITH HIM!!! He really got her at full throttle! I am AMAZED, to say the least. He was very complimentary of us.

Shirley Rensink

Grizzie went to a foundation agility seminar this morning, learning extension, collection, serpentines and speed drills. He loves it! Thank you, John Nys for your incredible knowledge and sense of humor, as always! 

Kris Thober

It feels so rewarding when the pieces come together in the puzzle. Perfect jumping through this course after trying out some other options. Rear crosses for the win! Thanks, John!

Meg Cataldo

Thank you to John Nys and Pinelands Dog Training for hosting a great seminar! Her first full day seminar. Joy and I learned a lot, while she had some moments of brilliance we have our home work cut out for us. She also got to see handsome Rhs too!

Lisa Mason Stoddard

This weekend we had the honor to take a seminar with multiple world team member John Nys! He really wanted us to get out of comfort zones and trust our dogs and every time we stepped out I reminded myself of that. I am so proud of my dog for holding her own all day long.

Andie Garcia

No excuses. Power through, show their line and go. My stupid head code had my brain a bit mushy at times, but John helped me persevere. Deseo loved meeting him, too. What a fun day with great agility friends. Thanks, Diane, for bringing him to the Midwest.

Gwen Friedl

Great seminars and courses—had fun!!

Jeri Prekop

Learned a lot from your seminar. Awesome and thank you.

Debbie Chirichella

Was really great to spend time with you John! Seminar was fantastic as always!! I’ll be busy with my homework this winter. 

Lisa Evans

Always fun, challenging, and encouraged, thanks again John!!

Glen Scott

Had a great time and learned a lot! Such a fun time with my young dog!

Laura Petrone

I don’t even have the words to express how incredibly awesome this agility seminar was. John Nys, thank you for pushing us out of our comfort zone the entire day (blind cross after the dog walk?!)!! I have only been training for a little over a year, so I feel like I really accomplished something huge that I was able to keep up with these world team tryout courses! I mean, the last course I was a bit exhausted and couldn’t remember. This was a day that I won’t soon forget. Thank you, thank you. I’m so proud of not only Sawyer, but also Team Sawyer. We got this bud!

Amy Ondeyka

Big shout out to John Nys  and BHAD Blue Heron Agility Dogs for an amazing seminar on Saturday. Sonar and I have lots of homework and learned about a lot of gaps in our training. Lots of food for thought as we go on our agility journey.

Dara Kraitchman

Chance the papillon and I want to thank you for what was the best seminar we have ever attended. I learned so much about how to up my game in the way I handle him. I have definitely been underestimating him. I need to trust my dog! He’s far better at this than I am. I also learned some great foundation exercises to use with his younger brother, Buster, who was waiting impatiently at home. He’s very different from Chance and is a project. I wish we were close enough to work with you. Thank you, again, for a wonderful day. 

Cathin Bishop and Chance

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